JobFit Report FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a JobFit Report?

A comprehensive look of a candidate (you). A look behind the resume seeking to identify the right job fit thru an assessment based upon your chosen professional field, your peers answering a questionnaire about you and interaction with question about what’s next in your career path, what stands out, how you can add value. All this allows employers to see you beyond your resume.

How does a JobFit Report work?

After purchasing a JobFit Report, the system will take you thru several steps: Uploading your resume, Interaction with a Question form, Job Assessment, and adding your references and in a few days after your references have responded, your JobFit Report will be emailed to you in a PDF. Be sure to purchase a bundle and a JobFormance Team member can help you walk thru the detail.

Where/How is it best used?

As a Hiring Manager, a deep look to understanding a candidate in process of hiring. Yes, pre-hire, but can easily be performed on a current employee for organizational development as well.

As a Recent graduate (or Internship seekers), a good look at strengths, aptitude, and what your peers say about. A great teaching and coaching tool. It is also a great supplement to your resume when applying for roles or as a leave behind/follow-up to a great interview. It will set you apart from other applicants.

As a Job Seeker the perfect tool for coaching and learning more about yourself thru a job assessment which rates you against the impact skills for success. A peer 360 review so you can understand and learn from your peers. The JobFit Report will have a thread running thru it so during an interview you can articulate yourself beyond your resume.

Is a Resume better than a JobFit Report?

Yes/No. The resume is included in the JobFit Report as it conjoins your chronological history. Yes, in the fact, hiring processes still rely on a resume. No, because Talent Acquisition teams and Hiring Manager want to know as much as they can to have a successful hire, because mis hires are expensive and draining to corporate culture.

Who are my best references to use?

Think 360 direct work experience: Manager, Peers, Subordinates.

Secondarily: Coaches, Charity Leadership, Vendors, Customers, Project team members.

Include those people who know you well enough to speak to factors that will make you success in the workplace. It is not good to have a reference respond N/A because they don’t know you well enough.

How does the JobFit Report get me a job?

  • Be more than a resume
  • Assess your strengths, aptitude, and job fit
  • Know what your peers say about you
  • Articulate yourself to employers during interviewers
  • Discover self-coaching opportunities
  • Build confidence

Can I change my JobFit Report?

Yes, specifically in two places: Candidate Q&A and Resume. The assessment can change to a different job title, but we do not recommend taking it again.

Can I take the assessment again?

Yes, if you would like to change a different career title. Please contact us directly.

No, if you gave it your best effort it is not encouraged to retake the assessment to change results.

What do I do after I received my JobFit Report?

If you purchased a bundled offering – contact us for scheduling your one-on-one.

If not, go to the check-out page and purchase a bundle.

Otherwise – its self-intuitive. Insights about key impact areas, how peers view you and

areas to shore up, strengths to exercise.

What happens if a get a low JobFit Report?

Usually it will be an error in taking the assessment, meaning, the assessment timed out, the assessment was not completed in one-siting, skipped questions, or aimlessly answered question.

However, if you scored low against a certain job description, please review the Impact sections, and honestly ask yourself and/or someone who knows you well if these results speak of you. If so, these could be areas of growth or a pivot in your professional endeavor. If a pivot in your career endeavor is needed, please contact us to see results for other job descriptions.

What is in the bundled package offering?

  • Resume Assistance
  • LinkedIn Optimization recommendations
  • Job Fit Assessment review
  • Job Search strategies

How do I get a subscription?

Please reach out to a JobFormance team member to inquire:

How does the JobFit Report lower my hiring costs?

The Job Fit guide is a thorough report on each of the candidates you are considering. It is the opportunity to see each candidate “Beyond a Resume”. A clear picture of their thoughts in the Candidate Q&A, Job Fit Assessment score, and Peer References. All the information you need for an informed hire.

How fast does the JobFit Report generate?

In simple timing: 3-5 days. The JobFit Report is candidate driven; thus, all information is provided by the candidate. The Job Fit assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, the Candidate Q&A is base upon the thoroughness of answers, Peer review – based upon their peers’ punctuality to responded to the requested questionnaire.

Peer Review:

100% confidential. Each peer will answer the same questions and their answers will be aggregated into a summary.