JobFit Report For Recent Grads

By helping you understand your skills and aptitude, unveiling your ideal career, and leveling up your resume and references — the JobFit Report helps you get hired after graduating.

Graduating is a wonderful accomplishment — and is something to celebrate! However, when the party’s over, many recent graduates are unsure of where to begin their professional careers. School helps you discover more about yourself, but it leaves many wondering where their best fit is in a post grad career. Let’s face it: choosing your first career can be confusing… your JobFit Report is the answer.

Getting Hired After Graduating

Choosing a career path is no longer as simple as securing that first “real” job. Early professional success is not guaranteed, even if you work hard at it. Attracting the attention of that graduate recruiter or the HR rep at your dream job is more difficult now, too. You can’t just send off a resume and hope for the best, especially when they have thousands to sort through (or a applicant tracking system, or ATS, is filtering them.)

What's Inside the JobFit Report

Those who do have early career success know who they are. They know their strengths and weaknesses, and this leads them to a career choice in which they are most likely to succeed. They’re able to get past the resume bots and move to the top of the recruiter’s stack. This is where your JobFit Report comes in.

Candidate Q&A

In the Candidate Q&A, tell your story, share your voice, be heard, and show employers the real you.

Share what you’ve accomplished and your plans for the future.


It might seem old-school, but building an awesome resume is still crucially important. Creating one that will get noticed — and get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATP) bots, not to mention hundreds of other candidates — isn’t always easy. Your JobFit Report gives you the tools you need, including insight into the best skills for your resume.

You can add resume assistance to your JobFit Report order!

Maximize Your References

Let’s go beyond PowerPoints and bullet lists. You’ve worked hard to graduate, and you have the connections to prove it; perhaps you have a professor with whom you worked closely, a boss that you built up a great relationship with, a spiritual leader who knows your true character, a coach who knows how hard you’re willing to work to win.

A resume won’t give employers an accurate picture of what your references really know about you… or the good things they have to say. With the JobFit Report‘s references and detailed peer review, you’ll be showing hiring managers why you’re the asset they need.

Job Fit

Every JobFit Report has a Job Fit Assessment. The assessment is not only a pre-employment assessment, it also grants you insight into your personality traits, skills and aptitude, and ideal career fit.

The key to the process is understanding which career paths best fit your strengths. This helps you to not only make a better career choice, but dramatically raise your chances of long-term professional success.

Why Our JobFit Report is important

This is more than a “free career test” or “5 reasons you should hire me.”

The JobFit Report pulls together a 360 degree view of the real you, helps you understand your ideal career path, and makes you stand out among hundreds of other candidates.

With the knowledge you’ll gain, you can walk into your first interview with confidence — and know that you’re the best fit for your dream job. Set yourself up for early career success and get hired quickly with a JobFit Report.

Sample JobFit Report