JobFit Report For Job Employers

The JobFit Report is a unique pre-employment assessment designed to help companies discover, vet, develop, and retain the best talent.

Employees are every organization’s largest expense, and as part of the talent acquisition and retention efforts, the hiring process is crucial. Mis-hires are hugely expensive. The first step is finding talented employees with the best organizational fit. Once hired, the focus shifts to employee development, maximizing ROI in each individual hire and employee retention.

Historically, these concerns have leaders searching for tools that will help them lower the number of mis-hires and enhance retention. This is done with a more thorough and holistic understanding of each individual’s experience, abilities, and aptitude — as well as areas for future improvement. Not to mention that the ideal candidate evaluation tool must be both scalable and affordable.

JobFormance is excited to introduce “The Tool” hiring managers and companies have been seeking: the JobFit Report.

Components of the JobFit Report

  • Candidate or Employee Narrative: In their own words, the individual tells their story. You’ll learn where they see their future career going and where they believe their aptitudes and best fit lies.
  • Resume: The report includes a comprehensive employment history. Immediately — you can see where the individual started, what accomplishments they have achieved, and how they have progressed throughout their career.
  • Job Fit Assessment: This comprehensive, proprietary assessment covers over 350 unique job titles and the traits applicable to each role. Applicants are ranked against these traits from high to low, outlining elements of their strengths, personality test, and their likelihood of success specifically for the role they are applying.
  • Professional References / Peer Review: The applicant or employee provides a minimum of 3 professional references. These references are then contacted by JobFormance, where our proprietary software prompts them to answer specific questions regarding the person. These questions have been developed by us based on over 40 years of experience in the executive search space. The anonymous process ensures privacy as well as honest answers.

Key Benefits

Recruiting, Hiring, and Talent Acquisition

  • More effective, revealing interviews and the ability to fine-tune interview questions
  • Greater confidence in hiring the right organizational fit the very first time
  • Higher probability of long-term success and increased talent ROI
  • Less turnover and enhanced employee retention
  • Reduce the number of mis-hires
  • Lower hiring costs

Talent Management & Employee Retention

  • Enhanced insight into areas where employees can grow and develop
  • Anonymous, 360 degree insight into employees’ personalities, cognitive ability, and aptitude from their colleagues
  • Greater insight for talent management
  • Maximize the value of internal promotions/promotability of current employees

Why Our JobFit Report and Organizational Development Evaluation tool is different

The JobFit Report is a comprehensive talent acquisition and employee retention tool in the form of a pre-employment or post-employment analysis. The report is designed to achieve greater success in hiring the ideal candidate the first time — those with the strongest aptitude for the position as well as a positive cultural fit. This helps lower costs, increases talent ROI, reduces conflict in the workplace, aids training initiatives, and defends against mis-hires.

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