JobFit Report For Job Seekers

More than a pre-employment test, your JobFit Report supercharges your references, perfects your resume, and pinpoints your ideal career fit.

You are more than a resume. But for some job opportunities, HR representatives and hiring managers are sifting through hundreds — or even thousands — of them. So how do they get to know the real you?

The JobFit Report is designed to tell a 360 degree story of who you are and what your professional colleagues say about you, not just where you’ve been before.

This is so much more than a pre-employment personality test — the JobFit Report provides the tools you need to write the perfect resume, nail the interview, and get hired.

Tell Employers Your Story

In the Candidate Q&A, the JobFit Report will help you tell your story: Who you are, what you’re looking for, and why you’re a perfect fit for the company.

Present the Perfect Resume

A resume is still important — and building one that will get past bot filtering and hundreds of other applicants isn’t always as easy as you’d think. The JobFit Report goes beyond the resume by joining together your Job Fit summary with employment verification and supercharged references in the form of analytical peer reviews. Plus, the detailed career aptitude assessment will show employers what you can really bring to the table.

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Maximize Employment References

You don’t want to put “references available upon request” at the bottom of your resume, do you? Supercharge your employment references with a comprehensive peer review —and show how you’ll be an asset for the company. You’ll be making sure that employers know the real you, told by people who know you well and have worked with you in the past.

Personality, Aptitude, and EQ Insights

Every JobFit Report features a Job Fit Assessment. As a component of pre-employment testing, you’ll gain insights into your personality, aptitude, EQ, and ideal Job Fit. It will also point out any mismatched characteristics for your desired job, granting valuable insight to your job search efforts and your proper organizational fit. The more you understand yourself, the more equipped you are to make the ideal choice — and unlock opportunities for professional advancement. No more feeling like you’re in a role that just doesn’t “seem” like the right fit for you or that you’re standing at a crossroads in your career without being sure of your next direction.

Why our JobFit Report is the essential tool you need for your job search

To get hired in today’s competitive environment, a “free personality test” just won’t cut it. Our JobFit Report helps you stand out compared to other pre-employment testing options.

By pairing deep personality insights with a Job Fit Assessment — as well as reference checks, detailed peer reviews, and employment verification — you’ll have what you need to write the perfect resume and move to the top of the stack.

Imagine walking into your interview knowing instead of “hoping” you will be successful — you’ll be more confident, make the best first impression, and dramatically increase your chances of getting hired.

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